Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thursday Spotlight:European Veils

Welcome to a new feature here on the blog, Thursday Spotlight.  If you missed Beauty Tuesday, there's still time to link up!

I wanted to highlight our European veils because we have two great specials running right now.
First, all the European veils are on sale!  Some are discounted $15!!  Please do just check them out and let me know what you think.

Then there is this lovely opportunity:
I joked that I may have to order a veil from myself just to get the icon!  Isn't that icon beautiful?  St Anne is actually my patron, as well as Lovie-Lu's.

Now for the fun part, let's learn more about our veils.  When you order one of the European veils, you don't just get a veil.  The long veils come in a Fatima Anniversary gift pack which includes a clip, to keep the veil on, a Fatima prayer card, a booklet about veiling, a Carmelite nun made brown scapular, and reusable pouch to keep your veil safe and clean.

Short veils come with a Carmelite nun made brown scapular, clip, and pouch. You see the veil is the main feature, but we are offering so much more!

These veils are crafted in the traditional ways in Italy, Spain, and France.  We have a assembled an inviting gift pack to bring the Old World charm to you at a reasonable price.

Look at all the possibilities:

So what do you think?  Aren't they gorgeous?

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God bless!

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